Loris Cro

Personal Website

Hi, I'm VP of Community at the Zig Software Foundation and the host of Zig SHOWTIME, a live-streamed snow that runs on my YouTube channel.

I'm also the curator of Software You Can Love, an in-person conference dedicated to celebrating the art of creating software for humans.

You can often find me livecoding and chatting about Zig on Twitch.

Open Source

Some Open Source software I created and maintain:

Zig's Autodoc Tool
The tool that generates documentation automatically for Zig projects and Zig's stdlib. Based on the original work from Andrew Kelley.
A TUI Twitch chat client designed for livecoders.
A zero-allocation Redis client for Zig that works both in blocking and async mode.
If you like what I do, I recommend sponsoring the Zig Software Foundation first and me second.


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